On a recent night at All Over the Map, I invited people to come talk about travel and make a travel vision postcard. (And drink some bubbly drinks.) Guided by art therapist and author of Positive Art Therapy and Practice, Dr. Gioia Chilton, attendees created mini vision boards about their dream trips.

Travel Vision Postcard with scenes of Italy

Making an Italy dream that much closer to reality. Travel vision postcard by Jody B.

Creating a travel vision postcard is fun and easy and not at all intimidating, even for those of us with sketchy (ha) art skills. I recommend doing it like we did: with friends and drinks and music and great conversation. You can share vacation stories and travel tips along with your own travel dreams.

The Travel Vision Postcard

Here’s what you need:

  • art supplies – scissors, glue sticks, watercolors, oil pastels, markers
  • travel magazines
  • blank postcards or heavy paper cut to postcard size (or whatever size you want, really!)
Travel Vision Postcard - Embrace soulful Adventure

Embrace Soulful Adventure – Travel Vision Postcard by Dr. Gioia Chilton

Imagine your perfect vacation.

Travel Vision Postcard - an beach scene with clear blue water

Someday… soon – Travel Vision Postcard by Paige Conner Totaro

Or not perfect, necessarily, but perfect for you. (I’m a big fan of the imperfect vacation.)

Create your vision.

Travel Vision Postcard - mountains, sunglasses, water

Someday – Travel Vision Postcard by Susan F.

Grab a stack of travel magazines – and if you don’t have any, come over to my office and grab some – and rip out any pictures that draw you in. Use them as inspiration to create a postcard from your dream travel destination. You can collage, paint, or draw your dream – whatever will make you “remember” this dream destination and create your vision postcard.

Write a message to yourself.

On the reverse, write yourself a note from the destination as you imagine you would from that place. You might congratulate yourself on manifesting this amazing trip. Or you might tell a made up story about what you imagine you might do there. Or describe a scene you think you might find there. Or taunt an ex about the great time you’re having without them. 😉

Travel Vision Postcard - three orange airplanes on a blue sky background - watercolor

Going Places – Travel Vision Postcard by Dr. Gioia Chilton

Setting your intent to travel and envisioning your trip are the first steps toward making those dream trips come true. And what are the next steps? Budgeting and planning. And then going!