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Holiday Gifts for Travelers

It’s time, it’s time! It’s time to shop for holiday gifts! We’ve been collecting our favorites all year so we could share them with you. Gifts to teach kids about other cultures Try The World is a gift for the whole family to enjoy. Every two months, you’ll receive a box full of treats from more »

The sisterhood of the traveling backpacker pants

We first came upon them in Turkey.  The droopy drawers, or Ali Baba pants, or Hammer (as in MC) pants appeared in every tourist market we came across. (And there are a lot of markets in Turkey. Home of the Grand Bazaar, after all.) We didn’t think much of it then. There are actual Turkish more »

New Pinterest Map Boards

Pinterest recently unveiled a new kind of board that allows you to match pinned images with locations on a map. It’s a little quirky right now, only allowing pins to Foursquare locations, but with time and minor adjustments it should be a great tool for travelers. Imagine being able to zoom in on a map more »

Staying Connected on the Road: World SIM Card roundup

We’re getting ready to be away from the U.S. for a year beginning in, um, just a few days, and we’ve left this until the last minute. As I sit in a coffee shop with my two daughters and a niece, all of us perched in our comfy chairs and tucked into our electronics, I more »

Our favorite audio books for long family car rides

Three weeks of The Tale of the Runaway Pancake—narrated  by a whiny John Lithgow— and Bob the Builder’s Pilchard Goes Fishing, an inane tale full of—boing!—loud sound effects threatened to destroy the very fabric of our family. But, since it was either listen to these books on CD during our three-week European vacation or endure more »

Ideas for fun, authentic, and environmentally-friendly souvenirs for kids

As unenthusiastic as they are to go shopping with me at home, my kids get extremely excited about souvenir shopping when we’re traveling.  On vacation, we try to avoid getting things like baseball caps and snow globes bearing the destination’s name and opt instead for something a little more authentic or even—gasp—something useful.  Here are more »

Don’t forget the… gifts for family travelers

Ah… the Christmas cookies are baked, the Festivus pole stands proudly bare in the corner, the Kwanzaa candles are lit, the house is toasty warm and ready for whatever holiday you can throw at it.  If you’re like me, you stop to savor the moment, and maybe a little sip of scotch, and then panic more »

I guess we should have written a gift guide, eh?

I can’t help it!  I just keep finding these cute things for travel-minded folks! Check out these wooden blocks with Spanish or Mandarin language lessons on them from UncommonGoods.

Need help planning a vacation?

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