Jet Lag

This was going to be a real test.

I was exhausted from sleeping no more than 5 hours for the previous 6 nights at a travel blogging conference in Costa Brava, Spain.

My muscles were sore from a physically demanding activity hiking a via ferrata in Sant Feliu de Guixoles the day before.

I had been eating and drinking a lot during my time in Spain. Much more than I should have of the latter. We drank Cava before lunch and dinner, drank wine every day, and went to a most wonderful beer festival.

Pollen everywhere = allergies acting up.

So I would expect, after a full day of traveling from Spain to the East Coast of the U.S., to feel the hangover to end all hangovers. A groggy, dragging feeling that lasts all day, for at least a day or two.

And I had work to do!

So when I discovered the review packets of 1Above – The Flight Drink in my purse, I was eager to try it out.

The Story

1Above is a drink marketed as a cure for jet lag, created by a guy in New Zealand who was tired of being tired after a flight. It is available in either concentrated liquid (low-calorie, sweetened with apple juice) or effervescent tablet (no calorie, sweetened with stevia) form.

World traveler Roger Boyd from New Zealand created 1Above after a passenger on one of his flights passed away during the journey. What he learned from a doctor who cared for the patient onboard set his curiosity in motion, and he conducted years of research to find the best ingredients to reduce the negative effects of air travel. The key ingredient in 1Above is Pycnogenol, a tree-bark based product that has been shown to decrease allergy and asthma symptoms, increase immune function, and reduce circulation problems. Research has also shown it to reduce the occurrence of Deep Vein Thrombosis, one of the most deadly risks associated with air travel.

Hydration is key to avoiding jet lag, so 1Above also contains 6 electrolytes to help your body stay hydrated in the arid confines of the airplane. And of course, you are drinking the 1Above mixed into water, so you are ensuring adequate hydration throughout the flight.

Vitamin C and B vitamins round out the formula with a boost to the immune system to help you fight off all those pesky germs the other travelers bring on board the plane.

My Experience

The tablet is made to be dissolved in 500 ml of water, but if, like me, you only have a 250 ml cup, you can make a more concentrated version, and ask for more water for hydration when you’re done.

A packet of 1Above jet lag cure on an airplane tray table.

The flavor is very light, orangey, and not too sweet

Each tablet is designed to get you through a 2 1/2 hour flight. If your flight is longer, just prepare more of it. My flight was 7 1/2 hours, so I brought 3 tablets. I drank one right away, another after 2 1/2 hours, and another about halfway through the flight. For every 250 ml concoction, I drank 250 ml plain water, so on balance, I was consuming the recommended dose. I drank a fourth just before my 90 minute connecting flight to DC.

Of course you may need to use the bathroom more often if this is more than you’re used to drinking. And if your pilot turns on the fasten seat belt sign for two hours like mine did, you might feel a little uncomfortable.

The Next Day

I fell asleep pretty quickly when I finally got home at 11 pm, 22 hours after waking up in Spain. I had slept a little bit on the flights, but not more than an hour or so. I woke up at 4 am, which is what I would expect after a trip like this.

I fell back to sleep with no problem, and when my alarm went off at 5:45, I sprang up with no grogginess, and went to the gym an hour later. I was a little slower than usual at my swimming, but to be fair, I had swum only once during my week-long trip.

I had expected my muscles to be sore from my hike the day before my flight, but there was only a little feeling of tightness.

I didn’t really feel any of the dragginess that I usually feel with jet lag until about 7:30 pm.

I went to bed around 9:30 – about an hour earlier than I normally would – and woke up an hour later totally disoriented. I fell back to sleep immediately and woke up at 5 am, before my 5:30 alarm.

Day 2

I woke up refreshed and ready to go. I felt great all day and didn’t feel the effects of jet lag at all until evening, when I climbed in bed at 8:30 and was asleep within minutes.

Day 3

I did wake up at 4 am the next day, which seems a little jet-laggy, but I fell back to sleep right away and felt fine when I got up at my normal time.

The Verdict

It’s hard to say for sure that it was the 1Above that did it, but over all I did feel better than I usually do after a trans-Atlantic trip. And this was a trip that had really taxed my system. I would have expected to feel pretty awful for at least a day or two after the flight. But I honestly felt great, and did not suffer from the insomnia that I usually get after an overseas trip.

If you would like to try 1Above for yourself, you can order the anti-jet lag tablets or the liquid concentrate here. They are not cheap – a packet of 4 pills costs about $14 USD, plus shipping (though you can often find a free shipping promotion) – but if they give you more productive hours on arrival at your destination, it might be worth it to you.


Though I did receive complimentary packets of 1Above for review, I did not receive any type of compensation to write about it, and my opinions, as always, are 100% mine and 100% honest.

If you buy 1Above – The Flight Drink through the links on this page, we will receive a small affiliate commission, so thank you!