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Buenos Aires on Pink Pangea

Paige just wrote a piece for Pink Pangea about her family’s month in Buenos Aires.

Immersive Family Travel: 6 Tips for Living Like a Local

Whether you call it immersive travel, cultural travel, experiential travel, or adventure travel, it is a kind of travel that takes you deeper into a destination – beyond a place to its people, its culture. For my family it involves learning about a culture through the arts. For Vero’s family, it often involves leaping off more »

Looking for an eco-friendly vacation for your family?

I was recently walking along the National Mall in Washington, DC, when I saw a family leaving the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. As they passed a trash can, the mother tossed in her empty water bottle. Her son stopped in his tracks and his eyes grew wide. “But Mom! That’s recyclable! You can’t put that in more »

Parrillas in Argentina

Paige recently wrote a post for the SAVacations blog about parrillas in Buenos Aires. 

No Tango: A Visit to Buenos Aires with Teens

“Aaaah, BA… happy memories,” wrote a friend on Facebook. “Aaagh, I love it. My home for four years,” wrote another friend on Facebook. “Ahhh, Buenos Aires, love that city,” wrote Adam Seper of Bootsnall in an email. “The last time I was in Buenos Aires, something… magical happened. I can’t really explain it. Something karmical,” more »

Travel Fatigue

I’ve just run out of Q-tips. I have 5 ibuprofen tablets left. I finally threw out my trusty black pants from Uniqlo that I wore every day it was under 75 degrees Fahrenheit. And that was more days than I’d hoped. They had developed a hole in a rather obscene location, and my repairs weren’t more »

Buenos Aires Street Art Tour

On arriving in Buenos Aires, one of the first things you’ll notice is that there is graffiti everywhere. Sometimes it’s hastily scrawled letters, sometimes it’s carefully composed signature pieces, and sometimes it’s massive full-color murals. We were curious about why this art form was so widespread in the city, and found Buenos Aires Street Art more »

Photo Post: The street art gallery across the street.

The street art gallery across the street. A post shared by Paige Conner Totaro ✈️ (@alloverthemap) on Jun 6, 2013 at 6:37pm PDT

Need help planning a vacation?

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