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Ski Santa Fe

“I don’t see anything,” said Jacques as we drove up the steep mountain from Santa Fe on our way to skiing.  I had been pointing out the large adobe-style luxury homes flanking the mountainside.  “That’s because they’re camouflaged,” answered Julian from the front passenger seat.  Indeed, I pondered, so much of New Mexico is hidden more »

5 Things to do in Albuquerque with kids

You’ll most likely spend your first few hours in town learning how to spell “Albuquerque.”   Although you might be tempted to drive north to Santa Fe, the more easily spelled and perhaps more famous city to the north, stick around for a few days and you’ll find plenty of great activities to keep you and more »

Earthship rental: Off the grid in the desert

John (my husband) had always been interested in off-the-grid living so when we found out that you could rent an earthship in the middle of the desert outside of Taos, we jumped at the chance!  Earthships are solar homes made of natural and recycled materials.  I didn’t know what to expect but the one we more »

Need help planning a vacation?

If you don't have the time or the inclination to plan a great vacation, let us help! Whether you want to visit national parks in the US, take a grand tour of Europe, or visit Machu Picchu with your kids, we can help you figure out the best time to go, the best time to book, and the best way to structure your days so that every member of the family has a great vacation. Click here for more information about our family vacation planning services.

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