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In search of Vikings (and Northern Lights): a wintry visit to Iceland with kids

I’ve always liked Vikings.  When I was a kid my friend had a toy castle that folded like a metal briefcase.  When it was opened it revealed scenes of village life painted inside; animals and fire rings, water wells and peasants carrying buckets.  There was a plastic drawbridge that fit into the opening by the more »

Planning a family vacation? Great Deals for 2015

When you are planning a family vacation, the costs can add up very quickly. Even the best deals don’t sound cheap anymore when you multiply them by 4, 5, 6 or more. At the recent New York Times Travel show, I had the chance to speak with representatives of destinations and travel companies from around more »

Our First Month on the Road: a kid’s view of our family RTW trip

Here’s a recap of our first month on the road from twelve-year-old Magnolia. See how she feels about our family RTW trip.   Our First Month on the Road by Magnolia Our first month on the road has been great! We started in Iceland, then Portugal, Spain, England, and now Scotland. It’s been tiring and more »

RTW Week 1 – Is 5 countries in 6 days a bad idea?

I’ll answer that one. Yes. Yes, it’s a terrible idea. Especially if you’re traveling without a spouse and with two tween girls, one of which has a cold. It started well enough. We succeeded, after much deliberation, in packing everything we thought we might need for a year into one small suitcase and one backpack more »

Iceland with Kids: around the blogs

The very first stop on our round-the-world family adventure will be Iceland.  Land of ice. And steam. And volcanoes. And Björk. I’ve been doing a bit of research online to get ready, and found some great information from around the blogs. The 2 Travelaholics give a great overview of the country. The folks at the Family Adventure Project more »

Need help planning a vacation?

If you don't have the time or the inclination to plan a great vacation, let us help! Whether you want to visit national parks in the US, take a grand tour of Europe, or visit Machu Picchu with your kids, we can help you figure out the best time to go, the best time to book, and the best way to structure your days so that every member of the family has a great vacation. Click here for more information about our family vacation planning services.

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