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New Museum Opens in Brussels

The Musée Fin-de-Siècle opens its doors on December 6, 2013, to showcase the art of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which was the heyday for Art Nouveau in Brussels. The museum offers an interdisciplinary look at creativity during the period, thanks to the collaboration of several institutions, including the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, the Royal more »

5 (more) things to do in Brussels with kids

We don’t want to brag, but we wrote the book on Brussels with kids. Really, you can find it on Amazon! But what with all the publishing and globetrotting excitement of the past year, we realize we haven’t been too proactive about updating All Over the Map’s Brussels section. So here, at long last, is more »

Review of Brussels with Kids on Wandering Educators

Well here’s a nice thing to wake up to on a Monday morning! A very nice review of our ebook, Brussels with Kids, on Wandering Educators.

Foreign Field Trip Faux-Pas: A mortifying travel tale

Hmmm, I thought, this is either a particularly well-behaved class, or there’s some truth to that annoying “European children are better behaved” theory.  Then why did these chaperones have the same bleary-eyed weary look that befalls all of their American counterparts?  Let me introduce Raphael… From the get-go, it was clear Raphael was the class more »

Brussels with Kids: The New Belgian Chocolate

When you take a bite of one of Laurent Gerbaud’s chocolates you notice a progression of flavors in your mouth.  First the chocolate, creamy and dark, from cocoa beans cultivated and collected for their intense flavors from Madagascar and Ecuador.  Then the subtleties of the flavors emerge – fruity, nutty, sweet. But wait. Gerbaud is more »

School of Comics: A Day with the Belgian Comic Book Guy

We met our guide Didier at the Belgian Comic Strip Museum on a cold, wet and dreary day, the kind of weather that defines March in this part of Europe. Heavy-set, with straggly shoulder-length hair, a ruddy complexion, and a penchant for Brussels’ native beer, gueuze, Didier looked like a cross between Jack Black and more »

Photo Essay: Belgium’s Artisan Chocolate Shops

I am not a chocolate snob. Paige and I enjoyed chocolate in every form possible pretty much all day long during our March research trip to Belgium. We would start in the morning in our chain hotel, where the breakfast buffet included both chocolate sprinkles and chocolate paste to spread on our toast. A mid-afternoon more »

Photo essay: One man’s “brole” is another man’s treasure

When you visit Brussels’ lively Jeu de Balle market, you’ll find plenty of brole—the Bruxellois term for “junk”—but keep digging, and you might dig up a real treasure. We certainly found some unexpected gems when we visited the market on a sunny Sunday morning in March. Tea time? Our favorite stall: vintage travel brochures and more »

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