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Coming back from our travels, it’s a thrill to catalogue our experiences through photos, journals, stories, and for some of us, blogs. We share stories of the colorful people we’ve met, the mountains we’ve climbed, the fabulous meals we’ve eaten. But we rarely talk about those other images that are etched in our minds.

The little girl with no shoes struggling to carry a toddler sibling who is way too heavy for her. The dried out field that promises another season of low to non-existent crops for a hungry community.

We come back wishing we could do something to help.

Passports with Purpose (PWP) was founded by travel bloggers to do just that. We’re proud to partner with them for the third year to make a difference in the world we love to roam around. We believe that our collective power as a traveling community (and that includes you!) can make a difference.

This year, PWP will be addressing the serious issue of malnutrition in Honduras.


Teach a man to fish…

What we love about this year’s project is its long-term sustainability and impact. Our partner, Sustainable Harvest International, is helping curb malnutrition in Central America by teaching communities to plant organic vegetable gardens and fruit trees and build fish ponds and chicken coops, while protecting the environment.

How you can help

For just $10 you can make a donation to directly support SHI’s work in Honduras. For every donation you make, you can enter to win a prize.

Wait, there’s are prizes?!

Yep. And ours is a doozie.

hershey 3

Hershey, Pennsylvania, one of my family’s very favorite East Coast destinations, is sponsoring an incredible family weekend, including a two-night stay, admission for four to Hershey Story, the Antique Auto Museum, the Pennsylvania National Fire Museum, and more. PLUS a $100 gift card that can be used for admission to Hershey Park. In other words, the perfect family getaway.

And this prize is just one of dozens contributed by travel bloggers and their corporate partners. Take a look at the prize catalog and make a donation for a chance to win.

Good luck! And if you win, please let us know about your trip. We’d love to hear all about it.

A heartfelt thanks to our friends at Visit Hershey & Harrisburg for donating this amazing prize and to Passports with Purpose for their dedication to helping bloggers and their partners make a difference in the world.