One of my favorite ways to discover new travel destinations is to look at beautiful travel photos, and Instagram is a great way to do it. We’re taking part in the Instagram Travel Thursday linkup, where we’ll post some of our own Instagram photos and link to some of the other participants.

This week, I’m posting one Instagram photo from each month of our trip.


An olive tree grows in a yard in Gariguella, Spain

We spent most of the first month of our trip in the Costa Brava region of Spain, exploring the land of Dalí and El Bullí. This photo of an olive tree was taken in the garden of our vacation rental home in Gariguella.



A view from the center of the train tracks in Romania

We traveled by rail for 6 weeks, and had an amazing time Couchsurfing through Romania and Bulgaria. Though many parts of these countries are modern, sometimes the railway stations seemed like they hadn’t changed for decades.



Little buddhist monk dolls in a Thai temple.

In several temples in Thailand we found these adorable monk dolls in their orange robes. I really wanted to bring one home with me.



New Zealand sheep cross the road.

In three weeks of driving a camper van around New Zealand, this was not the only time we encountered a fuzzy traffic jam.


Some ladies counting their chickens at the market in Hoi An, Vietnam

Some ladies counting their chickens at the market in Hoi An, Vietnam



The winter fog, la garua, is settling in in Lima.

As winter arrived in Lima, so did the fog known as “La Garua,” which would hang over the city for months.


A young boy stands and ponders a dramatic work of art.

A young friend was captivated by this work in Buenos Aires’ Museo de Bellas Artes.


A panoramic view of Medellin from its MetroCable.

A view from Medellin’s MetroCable, part of the public transit system that links the city center to poor neighborhoods up the mountain, as well as several nature parks.

It has been fun looking through these photos to see all the places we’ve been. It has been an amazing 11 months, and I can’t believe we are heading home in less than a week. We intentionally slowed things down for our last few weeks, spending some time on the Caribbean coast of Colombia while we take care of all the logistics for moving back into our house and getting ready for school to start.

I’ve also been enjoying following the Hines Sight blog, which has been making me homesick for Virginia with posts about Richmond, and southern summer food. I’m so glad we get to spend a few weeks visiting family when we get back to the US. We’ve missed them so much!