Over the past ten days we’ve had rain, fog, dangerously cold temperatures, snow, freezing rain, and minor flooding, with about three hours of sunshine. It’s bleak. And we are dreaming of escapes.   Vero laid out some pretty impressive ground rules the other day when she posted her fantasy travel destinations for the year, and I am ready to step up to the challenge.

To review:  1) pick three trips; 2) one trip has to be sans kids; 3) one trip must include time travel; and do I even need to say it? 4) money is no object. Here we go!

First fantasy: to take the family to JazzFest in New Orleans. Since we’ve now been to more countries than we have U.S. states, we’ve been thinking more about our inevitable family cross-country U.S.A. road trip. John and I had a great swing through the American South early in our relationship, and New Orleans was, of course, a highlight. The food, the weather (I’m a sucker for hot, sticky weather), the people, the culture – we felt like we were sinking into a very comfy old chair there. And every year, New Orleans puts on a huge celebration of its musical heritage all over town with JazzFest. Yes, I’m sure it was better when it was smaller and it’s too big and commercial and we should have gone way back when, but just to be enveloped in the sounds of Louisiana for four days (with a little Vampire Weekend thrown in for fun) and throwing cares to the warm Gulf winds sounds pretty heavenly right now.

For my romantic getaway with my sweet husband: camping by the beach. We’ve had some of our most memorable moments, good and bad, camped out in the sand, from Ocracoke, North Carolina to Opotiki in New Zealand, there is something magical in those sea breezes. But I may have to redefine “camping” for this next fantasy adventure, and instead revisit the site of our honeymoon in Jamaica’s southern shores. Back then we stayed at Jake’s, but I think this time I’d like to try a rental house owned by a friend of a friend. Whenever I’m cursing the grey winters here, I turn to this website to fantasize about waking up to fresh fruit juice on the patio in Treasure Beach.

For my time travel adventure: I would love to follow my 1961 edition of Pan American’s New Horizons World Guide to see the swinging 60s in Rome, London, and Rio. Maybe I would be a flight attendant, or stewardess, as they were properly called back then. In a blue fitted suit with matching pillbox hat and white gogo boots, I would flirt with the businessmen bringing the future to our suburban homes, and then hop on a Vespa and explore the city on my own.

Pan American's New Horizons World Guide offered tips about 89 countries, inspiring vintage travel lust.

I should note that there are no sponsored links in this post. Just places we would love to go!