Family-friendly Hotels

We’d love to share with you some of our favorite family-friendly hotels around the world. Ones where our kids are welcomed and made to feel special, and the whole family has a good experience.

What makes a hotel family-friendly?

It starts with the very basic: can the hotel accommodate a family in a room or adjoining rooms?

And is it easy to reserve the configuration you want? Some online reservation systems really can’t guarantee you anything beyond a room that fits two people. For a family, it is important to know: are there sleeping spaces for 5 people? Is it a king bed and a pull-out sofa or two queens and a rollaway that will take up all the extra space in the room? It makes a difference in setting expectations for a family.

Feed Me

There is nothing worse than a hungry kid.  Are there healthy snacks available quickly? Is there space to keep milk and cereal in the room for a quick meal?

Frolic Attack

Kids need to frolic. And we need them to wear themselves out so they will sleep in the hotel room.

Is there room for kids to run and play other than long hallways to the ice machine?

Is there an indoor pool? Or is the outdoor pool open when you’re visiting? Is there a playground on site or nearby?

Are Kids Welcome?

Some hotels just aren’t meant for kids.

Will you be apologizing for your kids as staff look down their noses at your beautiful offspring?

Is the lobby area quiet or is there a raucous bar scene you’ll have to pass through each time you go to your room?

The Best Family-Friendly Hotels

Many hotels understand this, and many go beyond the basics to offer things specifically for their younger guests (it’s a good sign when they refer to children as guests, and not just a note in the reservation for an extra bed). The Kimpton brand hotels offer child-sized robes, and some allow you to adopt a fish for your room during your stay.

We review some of our favorites below, and we welcome your suggestions for specific hotels, or for specific things you look for in a hotel for your family.

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Family-friendly hotels from All Over the Map