Ah… the Christmas cookies are baked, the Festivus pole stands proudly bare in the corner, the Kwanzaa candles are lit, the house is toasty warm and ready for whatever holiday you can throw at it.  If you’re like me, you stop to savor the moment, and maybe a little sip of scotch, and then panic when you realize you’ve forgotten to get gifts for, well, anyone.  Here’s our guide for some last minute ideas for the travelers on your list.  We’ve gone with the theme of “Don’t forget…” because, um, we often do.

So don’t forget the…

… tickets, money, passport

Yes, there have been occasions when we left the house for a trip without one of the above.  Keep them all together and looking smart with a handmade leather ticket wallet.

Many countries available from Travel Art on Leather’s Etsy shop.  $9.90 + shipping.

… map

Now this is what all of my maps end up looking like, but this one is designed to start out this way.  None of that anal-retentive folding and creasing, just ball it up and stuff it in your bag.

Available from Uncommon Goods.  $20 + shipping.

… flavor

Even if you’ve been a good family travel planner and rented a place with a full kitchen to prepare your meals economically at home-away-from-home, it seems you can never count on just the right spice being there when you need it.  This handy little spice kit can get you out of many a culinary emergency.

Available from Uncommon Goods.  $26 + shipping.

… toothbrush

How many times have you gone to brush your teeth in a hostel bathroom or camp sink and realized too late that there’s no towel to dry your face?  (Or if there is one, you’d rather not look at its griminess, let alone touch it!)  Lori’s Country Corner offers just the thing in their Etsy shop.  A great way to transport your toothbrush and toothpaste – doubles as an emergency towel.


Available from Etsy store Lori’s Country Corner.  $7 + shipping.

… reading material

Is there any reason not to get one of these? Or three or four of these for the family?

Amazon’s amazing Kindle Fire is available on Amazon, of course.

And since I’ve been putting off shopping to write this post for you, please feel free to post more ideas in the comments below.  I’m going to need some help!