Though the stack of unread travel books on my nightstand is threatening to topple over and smother me in my sleep, I felt the need to purchase the self-published memoir of a family that traveled the world for a year, Around the World in Easy Ways by lisa Shusterman.  The book is everything I hoped for – an extremely practical guide to planning long-term travel.  And when I say practical, I mean, we’re talking about how many feminine products to bring with you, how to manage photo storage, lists of things to remember to do when leaving your house for a year (mail forwarding, taxes, insurance).  Just reading this book puts my family about 10 steps closer to being able to think about planning our own year-long adventure.  It makes the whole process seem doable.  If this lisa-with-a-lowercase-L (nope, I could not let that go unmentioned) can manage it, I am absolutely certain that we could do it as well.