Is there anyone who doesn’t love an automat? Put in your coins and out pops a yummy treat, just for you. Well, it might not have been made with you in mind, but you made your selection from all of the things in the machine, so there’s a bit of choice in this game of chance.

Even finding an automat feels a bit like winning at roulette. The automat’s heyday was long ago, and they are few and far between these days, and there’s no universal directory that I know of. (Hmmm. next project?)

When we checked into our HouseTrip apartment last night in Barcelona, we had no idea we’d find ourselves so close to not just an automat, but a 24-hour automat for fresh seafood. Anchovies at any hour! Octopus for breakfast! A whole world of midnight snack possibilities opens up with this discovery.

What would you go for? Recipes welcome. We’re here for 5 nights.