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The Secret to Surviving a Winter Weekend in Portland, Maine

For years we’ve visited Portland, Maine in summer and relished its crisp salt air, blue skies, coastal charm and delicious food. Every time, we like it so much that we pore over real estate websites and catalogs to see if some perfect house might entice us to move there. And every time, we remember that more »

Toddlers in Restaurants: A Match Made in Hell?

This week, we’ve asked one of our new favorite bloggers, Erin Sarro, from the parenting blog Mommy Beerest, to discus the finer points of toddlers in restaurants. For my husband and me, trying new restaurants has always been our thing. I wouldn’t call us foodies, but we do know great food doesn’t exist in the presence more »

Interactive Packing List for Long-Term Travel

One of the most frequent questions I am asked about our 11-month round-the-world trip, is “How did you pack?” And when I tell people that I packed everything I needed into one carry-on bag and a daypack, their eyes widen. Frankly, I used to pack more than that for a weekend away, so I understand more »

Recombobulation – Some thoughts on re-entry after long-term travel

“So… how does it feel to be home?” asked, well, every single person I know, when we returned from our 11-month round-the-world family adventure. At first it was: “Great!” Seeing family and friends, eating all our favorite foods from home, going to our favorite shops – where we knew exactly what we could find and more »

Bogota Bike Tour

“Do I have legs in my teeth?” asked Magnolia. It was a fair question. She had just eaten the hind quarters (or, more accurately, hind third) of an ant, a Colombian delicacy known as hormigas culones (or, ants with large behinds). It was a day full of discovery as Bogota Bike Tours took us all over the more »

The Dark Legacy of the Shining Path in Ayacucho, Peru

“So… where are we going, exactly?” I asked, or at least I think that’s what I asked, in my halting Spanish. The bus we were on had been more crowded than any we’d experienced anywhere in the world, but now we were just about the only ones left on it. A large building surrounded by more »

Slowing the Pace and Making Some Plans

We’d had an exhausting 6 weeks. First it was our whirlwind camper van adventure in New Zealand, spinning the odometer on a 1973 VW so quickly we thought it might crack. Then more driving from Sydney to Melbourne in Australia, then some brutally long bus trips to get us from Ho Chi Minh City in more »

Learning to Fry: A vegetarian cooking class in Hoi An

Oh, the joys of the chả giò. Vietnam’s fried spring rolls have been on Calla’s mind for a while now. We’ve made the fresh version of spring rolls at home many times. In fact, they are something of a specialty of Calla’s. She even made them for Christmas dinner one year. But we’ve never even attempted more »

Our latest e-book

We are thrilled to announce the release of our e-book, Brussels with Kids, a guidebook for families traveling to the European capital. With added bonus - a comic book just for the kids by illustrator Sharon Emerson!

Brussels with Kids

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